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John Yeara (J.Y.) - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
  In 1976 John started Revolver as a drummer with Bruce Hummel & Mark Guarino. After a few months, he switched to guitar. Revolver first disbanded in early 1980 & John went on to form Grey Haven. During this time John entered College as a music major w/ guitar as his major instrument. Later, when Grey Haven disbanded, John formed “Olias”. John would finish his B.S. and M.S. in Music education and begin a career teaching music in 1987.

In 1990 John helped form “No Alibi” with his wife also singing. That band would morph into “The JY Allstars” and then “Joe Puma & the Panthers”. In 1992, John joined The Connectors. John also released a CD of solo material in 1995 called “From Mr. Sixty Six”. The C.D included performances by many of his friends in local music including Lee David (Center Stage, East Coast Connection), Linda (Rutherford) Marino (Celtic Fire), Jim Kerins (Nik & The Nice Guys), and Elvio Fernandes (Daughtry, Uncle Plum).

John stayed in The Connectors until 1996 when He & Mark Guarino brought back Revolver as a Beatle Tribute band. Eventually, Revolver got absorbed by and became “The East Coast Connection” in 2004. John left East Coast in 2006 and he and 2 other East Coast members formed “NBT” with Ron Rocco on Drums. This group stopped performing together in 2009.

Over the years, John Yeara has done some fill in work w/ a few well known popular groups such as “No Camouflage”, “Private Drive”, “Oasis”, “Take 5”, and “7th Heaven”

In 2010, John Yeara & Bruce Hummel hooked up again and restarted Revolver. Since then Bruce has left and the band now features Tim Coon on Bass, Tom Savastano on drums and Don Mancuso on guitar, While JY handles more rhythm guitar and some keyboards while still singing quite a bit. JY also performs w/ Don in an acoustic duet, "J.Y. and Dee".

Don Mancuso - Guitars
  The Rochester, NY native began playing guitar at the age of six and began playing in earnest when he was a teen. A keen ear and study of the Rochester music scene allowed Mancuso to hone a unique style and an intense stage presence. By age 18, he was playing professionally with the blues-rock band Black Sheep, featuring vocalist Lou Gramm, who would go on to front the ‘80s supergroup Foreigner.

Black Sheep built a solid regional following before touring nationally in support of a host of legendary artists and bands, including Argent, Peter Frampton, Hall & Oats, KISS, Ted Nugent and Procol Harem. Black Sheep released two albums, Black Sheep and Encouraging Words, both of which featured songs penned in part by Mancuso.

Mancuso explored many options. He studied classical guitar, dabbled in rock/fusion with the band Aurora, and did studio work in New York City with Ian Lloyd of Stories. He also studied piano and voice at the College of Marin in California. After returning to Rochester, he began playing with Cheater, who quickly gained recognition in the northeastern U.S. with their 10-inch EP, “Ten Cent Love Affair.”

Over the years Mancuso has worked with a host of other artists including Phil Naro, Linda Rutherford & Celtic Fire, Mickey Thomas (Starship), Eddie Money, John Waite and Regi Hendrix to name a few.

He also continued his association with Lou Gramm including Gramm’s successful debut solo album, Ready or Not, which featured the hit single, “Midnight Blue.“

His first solo album, Now You See It, was followed up by DDrive, which featured the talents of Gramm and Phil Naro. Don has just released his third solo venture of an all original, instrumental EP titled "No Strings Attached" for Melodic Revolutions Records. It features Don on guitar and bass as well as Mark Schulman & Bobby Bond on drums and Dave Quick on bass.

Last release was Dec 2012 “It’s Christmas”. A single featuring the remake of Blue Christmas and an original composition “It’s Christmas”

Presently, Mancuso divides his time between service as the guitarist in DDrive, REVOLVER and several acoustic acts in the Northeast. He also teaches guitar, does "guitar tracks for hire" and produces younger artists.

Tim Coon - Bassist
  Tim started out like most grade school kids by choosing a band instrument. Because Dad played trumpet (and there was one in the house) that's what he chose. A move to tuba in High School piqued his interest in the low frequencies and a request for an electric bass for his 16th birthday set him on the path he travels today. A 5 year stint in the Navy jamming with other musicians helped hone the bass playing skills.

Tim's first real band, Seth, came about while in college after his Naval service and led to some gigs in and around the Syracuse area opening for Joe Whiting and the Bandit Band. After college, a move back to the Rochester area put him back in that scene.

Over the years, Tim has played bass in bands that include No Dice, No Alibi, Exit, Cruise Control, Top Secret, Red Creek, Joe Puma and the Panthers, and (of course) Revolver. While squeezing in the occasional gig with his other band, Fuze www.fuzerocks.com, Tim has thrown himself into another summer of gigs with Revolver. "The chemistry with the other guys is just great and this is the most fun I've had playing in years" says Tim.

Dave Drum - Drums/Vocals
  Dave started playing drums in elementary school. It was apparent to his instructor that drums should be the instrument of choice due to obvious reasons. So, ignoring Dave’s insistence “but, I want to play trumpet” he handed over a pair of 2B sticks and a book of snare drum charts. From that day forward he has played practically every type of music: concertos, blues, 60’s pop, country rock, 70’s - current…..but his roots are ingrained in 60’s and 70’s pop/rock. His approach to playing covers is to not only capture the parts played but to grab the intention and style of the original player. “It’s not about playing parts, it’s about getting in the head of the performer.” Dave’s traveled extensively touring in the 70’s. Some of the regional acts he’s played with in the past and currently: The St. James Band, Prodigy, Smoking Section, Inside Out, Tempest, Knight Patrol, Timeline, and Rise Again. Dave’s first love of Revolver’s genre and his solid groove is the perfect match to the group.

Ian Yeara - Keyboard, Sax, Vocals
  Ian began playing piano at the age of 6 w/ Mrs. Eleanor Fox and later also with Fred Dicesare. In 5th grade, he began playing Sax as well and was taught by local virtuoso, Tom Ellison. At the time, he was always singing in chorus from 4th grade through H.S. With the Greece Arcadia High Jazz Band, Ian performed at the Rochester Jazz Festival twice as a teenager. His first professional performance was with his father’s group, “NBT” in 2009. He played keyboards for the group in a packed house for two rush songs; ‘Limelight’ and ‘Subdivisions’. For the past two years, Ian has been a music business major at the Crane School in Potsdam, N.Y. The Crane School has turned out many great conductors, composers, and performers including Opera Sensation Renee Fleming. Ian has often performed with Revolver on Vocals, Keyboards, and Sax. This summer, Ian and his father are performing acoustic rock on Piano & Guitar as "I.J.Y."


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